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Triunity Kicks Off Label with Loop Theory Collective Sawmills Session

Sawmills studio desk

Trident Series 80B console

The UK’s hottest new independent record label has kicked things off by whisking brand new collective Loop Theory away for a whirlwind recording session at Cornwall’s iconic Sawmills Studio.

Boasting beautiful analogue recording equipment, heavenly acoustics and a stunning location, studios in the calibre of Sawmills simply don’t exist anymore. The remote location can be accessed by boat only which gives musicians and producers a sense of being hidden away on their own private island. In the past the studio has hosted a legion of music legends, including OasisMuseSupergrassRobert PlantThe Stone Roses and Radiohead to name a few. Now, Loop Theory has joined the coveted clique and recorded its very own EP in the music mecca.

Loop Theory Collective

Loop Theory Collective

Steeped in history and set in the heart of stunning scenery, the Sawmills Studio recording session was a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Loop Theory crew.

A team of 14 made the pilgrimage to the celebrated Sawmills studio, with Matthew Tout taking on the position of project manager. Envisioning a relaxed and laid back environment that facilitated unconstrained creativity, Tout channelled a huge amount of time and effort into creating a categorically chilled vibe. An in-house chef was on-hand to whip up a kaleidoscope of vegetarian food, fresh juices and Chia Fresca’s to keep the team of musicians, producers, camera crew, photographers, audio engineers and designers fresh, fuelled and full of positive energy.

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Introducing Loop Theory Collective

Chosen for their exceptional talent in a variety of different areas, the Loop Theory members represent the crème de la crème of Cornwall creatives.

William Harris on drums 

Paul Haywood on saxophone 

Nathen Fitzgerald on trumpet and flugel

Alex Black on bass guitar

Matthew Johns on keys 

Reuben Kramer on MPC

Dean Forrest on Moog

Wondering how the name ‘Loop Theory’ was borne? It refers to the process of communication (aka communication loop) that’s used to describe the employment of jazz jamming and continuous loop techniques from the MPC. A play on words, if you will!

Loop Theory Collective

Loop Theory Collective Jamming

Sawmills Studio

Sawmills Studio

The boys were backed by a team of technical gurus, also sourced from both Cornwall and the SAE Oxford community. Reuben Kramer got behind the ‘Loop Faction’ MPC2500 as project producer while Dean Forrest, frontman for Backbeat Soundsystem co-producer on a Moog Sub 37. A film crew was also on site to capture all the action, with Darcy RochfordLaura Newbury and Rhys Slyfield keeping cameras rolling throughout the weekend. Laurie McCall was official project photographer, snapping some seriously sick shots. Audio engineers Tom Joyce and Felix Jagër were also integral contributors. Both Rhys and Felix were two of the first students to benefit from the Triunity records ethos of offering the SAE community the opportunity to extend their horizons as a reward for exceptionally high performance.

With zero rehearsals under their belts, the Loop Theory boys entered the illustrious Sawmills Studio’s doors with nothing but talent, creativity and a collective love for music. Over the course of the weekend the team created seven tracks, each with its own unique sound.

Looking back, Tout couldn’t be happier with the results, hailing the entire project as a huge success. For Triunity it proves that the concept of collective music collaboration has a plethora of potential.

Loop Theory Collective

Loop Theory Collective Leaving Sawmills

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