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Loop Theory Collective

Loop Theory is a collective of musical talent based in the stunning location of Cornwall. It has been designed to let artists have creative freedom to push boundaries and remove limitations in musical production. We work to develop an artist’s sound in prestigious creative spaces, such as Sawmills Studio.

We bring together a range of musicians from a variety of different backgrounds, in the renowned Sawmills Studios in Cornwall. The studio space has been privileged with the presence of Oasis, The Stone Roses, which enhances the creative experience.

Loop Theory Collective are all musicians and make up a band themselves. However, they never rehearse, allowing very special moments to be recorded through improvisation.

  • Who are the Collective?

    Matthew Tout – Founder

    The Loop Theory Collective is the brainchild of Matthew Tout, who is currently studying music business at SAE. The shared goal is to champion the talent in his home country of Cornwall.

  • Hip-Hop

    Reuben Kramer – Producer

    Reuben brings the hip hop to the collective, and is known locally for his beat making talent. His atmospheric, smoky beats are usually heard under the alias of Loop Faction or The Outclass.

  • Funk

    Dean Forrest – Co-Producer

    As frontman of Cornish reggae band Backbeat Soundsystem, Dean brings the funk to the set-up. He takes the reins on the voice box, moog sub 37 and the percussion, as well as giving direction in the studio.

    William Harris – Drummer

    No collective is complete without a drummer! Will also plays in the Funk-Pop band Stone roots.

  • Jazz

    Matthew Johns - Keys

    Multi-talented Matt plays jazz piano and bass in a variety of Jazz collectives.

    Alex Black – Bass Alex moved to Cornwall from the Isle of Wight and instantly fell into the jazz crowd. He’s a master at the bass guitar and double bass.

    Paul Haywood – Saxophone

    Paul has a jazz degree from the University of Exeter, and has been playing sax since he was 11. He plays Tenor, Alto, Bari and Soprano.

    Nathen Fitzgerald – Trumpet

    Originally from Manchester, Nathen studied at Truro college. He plays the trumpet and the flugelhorn in the collective.

The Collective

Loop Theory Collective
Reuben Kramer


Loop Faction

Dean Forrest
Frontman of Backbeat Soundsystem

Moog Sub 37
Paul Haywood
Alto saxophone

Tenor saxophone

Soprano saxophone
Nathen Fitzgerald

Frugal horn
Matthew Johns
Alex Black
William Beresford

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